The Eid for All” campaign continues its activities for the second consecutive day, with approximately 7,400 beneficiary families receiving their meat portions

URDA (Union of Relief and Development Associations) continues the events of its “Eid for All” campaign on the second day of Eid al-Adha 2023 (1444 AH). Meat portions were distributed to deserving families, reaching a total of 7,492 families from various nationalities, including Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian. The number of sacrificial animals on this day amounted to 460, including 93 calves, 222 sheep, and 145 goats.

The distribution areas on this day included several cities and towns such as Arsal, Bekaa, Tripoli, Akkar, Sidon, and others. Relief teams conducted their rounds in these areas, aiming to implement the sacrificial project with high professionalism and maximize the benefit for deserving families.

It is worth mentioning that URDA’s field teams conducted a meticulous field survey before the blessed Eid al-Adha to identify eligible families for assistance. Detailed lists were prepared in advance to determine these families and ensure the organized and coordinated distribution of aid.

As part of these preparatory measures, special coupons were distributed to families before Eid al-Adha to facilitate the distribution process and avoid any potential chaos.

These measures align with URDA’s commitment to implementing its humanitarian campaigns based on professionalism and transparency standards. This contributes to effectively and systematically providing assistance to the beneficiaries.

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