The “Eid for All” festival spreads joy among 600 children with broad student participation.

The Union of Relief and Development Associations (URDA) organized a three-day entertainment festival during the blessed Eid al-Adha, with the aim of bringing happiness to approximately 600 children in the Yasmine Camp and nearby camps in the Bekaa region. This special humanitarian initiative aimed to alleviate the burden on children and their families, who face difficult economic conditions and other challenges that increase the suffering of families in general in Lebanon.

The festival activities included various events such as inflatable games, musical entertainment segments, as well as gift distribution, sweets, and face painting for the children.

The Eid festival was distinguished by the significant participation of students from the American University of Beirut and students from the Creativity Center for Talent Support. These young volunteers enthusiastically and devotedly organized and supervised a series of diverse activities held during the festival.

In this context, URDA extends its sincere gratitude to the students of the American University and the Creativity Center for their valuable efforts and dedication in participating in the organization of the Eid festival. It hopes that this valuable experience will motivate them to continue participating in humanitarian initiatives and supporting communities.

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