Achievements of the “Eid for All” campaign on its third day include providing sacrificial meat to over 2,600 families

URDA continues to offer sacrificial meat to the most vulnerable families of various nationalities. On the third day of Eid, 37 calves and 70 sheep were slaughtered, and the meat was distributed to 2,662 families in areas such as Arsal, Bekaa, Sidon, and the North.

To ensure the provision of high-quality products to the beneficiary families and guarantee the safety and preservation of the meat’s quality, relief teams from URDA transported the meat portions in refrigerated vehicles, adhering to precautionary measures and health conditions despite the high temperatures.

URDA’s field relief teams remain deployed in various regions of Lebanon, working around the clock with high professionalism to implement the sacrificial project and deliver fresh meat portions to the most deserving families in dire need. This effort aims to alleviate the burden of their difficult living conditions.

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