Al Nour School Continues its Summer Program for the 3rd Month in a Row

Pens, papers, clay, balloons, colors, and paintbrushes are simple tools that have come together in the hands of our young students who have been passionately drawn and painted their promising future.

It is the third month in a row in the Al Nour summer school which is filled with activities and movement. Our educational staff offers its best ideas and display high creativity seeking to provide active and targeted educational classes through class and non-class programs aimed at refining personality, and building practical skills based on experience and observation.
Project Coordinator, Hamza Diab expressed his gratitude to URDA’s

Education Sector, which has accompanied and supported all its employees and volunteers throughout these activities to provide the best and fairest service to students. Diab noted the efforts of the management and educational teams to adapt the curriculum in a way that serves the idea of the four programs: science, sports, art, and skills building.

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