Al Nour School Provides Medical Examinations to its Students

In coordination between URDA’s health and education sectors, free medical examinations were performed on Saturday, 28 August 2021, to a group of students from the Al Nour school in Aarsal who suffered from health symptoms causing them to miss several summer school activities.

This activity comes as a priority for both sectors where the healthcare sector pays regular visits to Al Nour school and distributes basic supplies including face masks and sanitizers to students and the teaching staff in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. It also provides awareness-raising sessions and lectures to students and teachers alike.

Project coordinator, Hamza Diab commended the efforts of the healthcare team, which has always met the demands of the education sector, particularly in Al Nour school project, which provides educational services to 500 Syrian refugee students in Aarsal. He then noted the importance of this positive cooperation, which promotes the sustainability and integration of the sectors’ joint efforts and the provision of basic services including hospitalization and education for the students and their families.

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