AMA and URDA Tour Lebanon

As part of its humanitarian initiatives to serve vulnerable people in Lebanon, Africa Muslims Agency SA conducted a field visit to Lebanon to inspect its relief projects there and the situation of the underprivileged of different nationalities.

The visit started on Tuesday 27–8–2019 in Aramoun where food baskets and gifts were distributed at URDA’s Aramoun compound, the delegation then moved to URDA’s charitable kitchen in Bekaa which benefits around 2,000 families on a daily basis.

Yesterday, AMA’s delegation and URDA visited Aarsal to inspect the rehabilitation of tented settlements project which resulted in the rehabilitation of hundreds of tents. AMA then examined the situation and needs of a number of refugee families.

It’s worth noting that AMA’s visit continues until the end of this month and will reach Akkar, Saida, Beirut and other cities in the upcoming two days. The visit will follow up on projects that were supported by AMA and to check the situation of several vulnerable Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian families.

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