AMA and URDA’s Sponsorship Project Reaches Different Lebanese Areas

Africa Muslims Agency SA, in cooperation with URDA, seeks to improve the living conditions of orphan and needy families in addition to proving them with financial and psychosocial support through “Orphan Hope”, the Sponsorship project which aims to provide care and assistance to children who lack any parental care and sympathy.

In this regard, AMA has successfully ensured the sponsorship of 500 orphans where financial assistance has been distributed to beneficiaries in various Lebanese regions in the North, South, Bekaa and Mount Lebanon.

Such a project aims to place orphans and orphan families on a positive and productive path in society, away from passivity and dependence on others. In addition to empowering families and transforming their skills into development tools which can open up new horizons within the desired social change.

URDA sincerely thanks and appreciates the efforts of the people of South Africa who participated in this humanitarian project, calling for the continuation of this project in the light of the current economic conditions in Lebanon.

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