Aman Palestin Concludes its Winter Relief Visit in Lebanon

In collaboration with URDA and as part of the winter relief projects targeting a number of remote Lebanese areas, Aman Palestin – AP has finally concluded its two-week relief visit. The emergency winter relief project was implemented in the poorest and most underserved areas and refugee camps in Bekaa, Akkar, and Arsal.
The delegation started its project by distributing 2600 bread bags with two bags per family, in addition to distributing heating fuel to around 1810 families, as well as 1850 food parcels.
Aman Palestin’s visit continued its distributions by providing 200 hygiene kits and 600 clothing vouchers, as well as participating with children in psychosocial support and English language sessions.
UDA expresses its deep appreciation to Aman Palestin for its efforts to serve and alleviate the suffering of refugees and underprivileged people in Lebanon and expresses its gratitude to the field workers and all those who provide humanitarian support at all levels.
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