Camp 009 Arson Attack in Minieh: Shallal’s Motorcycle

"Shallal is one of the most hardworking and resilient young men I ever met in the field while I was documenting the impacts of the arson attack that targeted Al Minieh camp "009" and caused the displacement of 100 refugee families. While some were weeping and others were looking for the remains of their belongings between the rubble and the ashes of their tents, I spotted Shallal near a motorcycle, so busy trying to fix it perhaps it may work again. When I asked him about it, he told me that he had to work to help his father provide for his family and it took him years of work to save to buy this motorcycle so he can go to work every day and run errands for his family. Due to this fire, Shallal lost his most precious belonging, the only possession he ever worked hard to get."

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