Camp 009 Arson Attack in Minieh: Nisrine Searches in the Rubble

"I saw Nisrine searching in the rubble of what was a couple of days ago her home; the only home she ever knew, she ever belonged to. Her refugee camp was wiped out from existence due to an arson attack that displaced a hundred refugee families including hers. I watched her for a while wanting to know what was that she was looking for so cautiously, what was that important she had to look at every inch of the camp to find. I approached her with caution and introduced myself, we had a nice chat which led me to ask her about what she was looking for and all she said was that she needed to find her little brother's milk bottle so he can eat. A 9-year-old girl carried so much burden for her young age, she did not care for the toys or clothes she had lost in the fire, all she wanted was to feed her younger brother."

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