COVID-19 Awareness Tour in Bar Elias

COVID 19 is still not over, and awareness against the virus is one of the main actors to prevent its spread. URDA is working on a Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) plan in Bar Elias in collaboration with UNICEF Lebanon and the University of Balamand – UOB.

Awareness tips have been offered to several key people in the area such as employees in the municipality including police officers who work there, the mayor, in addition to several supermarkets, beauty salons, and barbershops owners. Our teams also visited several religious figures, a school, and a local football team to provide them with the necessary awareness sessions to ensure the safety of the entire community. During our awareness tour, we distributed face masks and hand sanitizers on participants.

Our teams will be distributing informative brochures as part of the door-to-door and WhatsApp awareness efforts that will be completed within the upcoming two weeks, thus reaching around 1,500 individuals in Bar Elias area.

It’s our responsibility to stop the spread of the virus.

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