The Story Continues: Young Mohammad and his Family

In a dilapidated tent in Akkar, Mohammad’s mother sat down to treat her 15-year-old son’s wounds after he was beaten while selling tissue paper packs on the road. URDA’s Sponsorship team visited her tent to learn her story and we found that she shares her home with her orphan son and daughter, who lost her husband in Syria, living along with her three children. The tent had some old furniture and it was not suitable for a decent life.

Mohammad’s mother suffers from disc disease and hypertension and needs treatment. Her young grandchildren are also suffering from allergies and urinary incontinence and they all need treatment. Mohammed is the only provider for his family where he ensures their basic needs through selling tissue paper packs on the roads and is continuously exposed to many troubles due to his job.

URDA assessed the family’s situation by following the holistic approach. Based on their different criteria, we provided them with the assistance that suits their needs and they are now living in better conditions than before. We are currently supporting Mohammed so he can return to school this academic year now that his family has a financial resource to count on. #The_Story_Continues

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