Hadi’s Recovery Journey is Filled with Hope

Hadi’s recovery journey is not over yet! After a critical surgery to his spinal cord a while ago, recovery steps are still continuing until this very moment. Every two days, Hadi is undergoing physiotherapy sessions at a specialist medical center in Arsal on which he has been responding effectively.
“His physical health is in noticeable improvement. He is able to eat and drink again and his mental state is getting better.” gladly said Hadi’s mother as she told us about the improvement she has been noticing in her son’s health.
“Now I have so much hope that someday I will be able to walk again,” said Hadi as he expressed his joy and hope to walk and run like the rest of his friends. Hadi is now able to take unsteady steps after a long time of not being able to walk or even move his feet! This improvement, which his parents have perceived as a miraculous change has given them a big dose of hope and optimism.
Hadi and his family thanked Africa Muslims Agency SA for playing a key role in his recovery, both financially and emotionally. Hadi now is eager to be able to walk again so he can visit Africa one day to thank the great humanitarians who made his dream come true.

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