Help Refugees Protect Themselves from COVID-19

The Situation at URDA

Considering the current situation in Lebanon and the Coronavirus outbreak which our country is trying to control, URDA has decided to stop all its activities in the offices and field until further notice. Starting Monday, our staff will come to work according to specific schedules to limit the attendance in our offices in response to the latest announcement of the World Health Organization about a pandemic COVID-19, and with respect to the precautions taken by the Lebanese government concerning this matter.

What's Next?

Meanwhile, our sectors have issued several working protocols to respond to this matter in our refugee camps and residential compounds where refugees will attend awareness sessions about COVID-19 and all they need to protect themselves and their families. All our centers will be equipped with the necessary gear to protect the beneficiaries and respond to any arising issue. Our healthcare sector and all its facilities will be working to equip our centers and do the necessary preventive measures to control and follow up on this matter in our camps throughout Lebanon.

How Can You Help Refugees?

Coronavirus Hygiene Kits

Help refugees receive coronavirus hygiene kits including sanitizers, N95 masks, antiseptics, etc.

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