URDA Participates in Hasene’s Conference in Istanbul

The Hasene International conference kicked off last Wednesday in Istanbul, Turkey, in the presence of about 200 specialists, humanitarian organizations and international institutions from 80 different countries, where URDA had special participation represented by its Executive Director Ms. Jihan Kaisi and Director of Financial Resources Development Mr. Haitham Mahmoud.
The conference aims to strengthen the ties between humanitarian partners with Hasene International and develop charity work to find practical solutions to develop and strengthen humanitarian work and provide assistance to the largest number of needy people around the world following the highest standards of quality and efficiency.
In his speech, Mr. Haitham Mahmoud spoke about the stages of managing projects, from data collection and analysis to preparation and planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.
Ms. Kaisi also spoke in her speech about URDA’s emergency response projects during crises which refugees and needy people have and still are going through, and the mechanism for coordinating humanitarian projects, as well as the recent field visit to Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon, explaining that she was affected by the reaction of the president of the Hasene foundation, Mr. Mesud Gülbahar. who conveyed the suffering of the refugees in the camps and joined their excitement to meet him in an atmosphere of joy and familiarity.
It is worth mentioning that URDA seeks, through such conferences and events, to spread the culture of volunteerism and team-work, and the concept of partnership between international and civil society institutions to improve the level of social services, awareness, and culture provided at all humanitarian levels.

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