More than 200,000 Families Benefit from “Ramadan, Month of Togetherness” Campaign

The Union of Relief and Development Associations URDA has endeavored, since the beginning of the blessed month of Ramadan until the happy Eid al-Fitr, to spread the spirit of togetherness between the beneficiaries of its projects and its local and international partners, through the implementation of a series of Ramadan projects and distinctive initiatives that contribute to the relief of the most vulnerable groups of all Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian nationalities In various Lebanese regions, starting from Bekaa and Arsal to Akkar, Sidon, Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

The number of families benefiting from all projects reached 207,958 families of different nationalities on all Lebanese territories.

The Ramadan projects for the year 2022 AD / 1443 AH emerged under the title “Ramadan, the month of togetherness”, which was supported by a number of humanitarian donors from around the world. Food rations were provided to suit the needs of families for an entire month, where 66,026 food rations were distributed, in addition to providing almost 29,731 hot meals, as well as a distribution of approximately 167,333 bundles of bread and 5,250 servings of vegetables and other necessities.

URDA emphasizes in all its specialized humanitarian and relief sectors to continue spreading the spirit of togetherness and compassion among the most needy groups in Lebanon throughout the year. Ramadan this year carried the message of intimacy and love that reached the members of the URDA family, including employees, volunteers, donors, beneficiaries and followers.

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