No Hate Against Refugees

With hate speech and rhetoric against refugees on the rise in Lebanon and the important role that media plays in shaping perceptions towards them, URDA today tries to draw attention to this increasing challenge and explore efforts to combat it through its programs.

In the past year, hate speech has become a very serious matter haunting refugees everywhere in Lebanon; from verbal to physical discrimination, refugees have become stripped of their human dignity in many ways. Bigotry has dominated our every action where many of us now consider refugees as the reason behind Lebanon’s deteriorating economy despite the many proven statistics that demonstrate the opposite. It’s very important that we are conscious enough to not fall into the trap of bigotry and direct our efforts in facing the root causes of Lebanon’s current situation, perhaps we can one day change our reality.

We need to rise above labeling, judging and mistreating others no matter what nationality, gender or race they are, and more importantly rise above what some politicized media outlets wish to instill in our minds. Instead, let’s love and be loved.

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