Over 100,000 beneficiaries of Qurbani projects for the year 2024 / 1445 AH.

Achievements of the “Granting More” Campaign by the Number

The Union of Relief and Development Associations in Lebanon URDA has concluded its Eid al-Adha campaign for the year 2024 / 1445 AH, under the theme “Granting More.” This campaign targeted the most vulnerable families of various nationalities, including Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian, across different regions of Lebanon. This year’s Qurbani included 576 sacrifices of cows, sheep, and goats, benefiting around 25,828 families, equivalent to 100,000 beneficiaries in Arsal, Bekaa, the North, as well as Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Saida, and Tyre.

During the four days of Eid, URDA’s field teams were on standby around the clock to distribute Qurbani meat to those in need, adhering to religious and health standards to ensure the safety of the meat, especially given the high temperatures and security tensions in border areas. The number of workers for this year’s Qurbani season reached over 100 individuals, most of whom were volunteers who chose to spend Eid serving the needy away from their families, reviving the Sunnah of Qurbani with enthusiasm in an atmosphere of giving and goodness.

In addition, to enhance the spirit of giving, URDA provided Eid clothing, toys, and sweets for children, distributing shopping vouchers to more than 250 children and organizing recreational activities for 1,000 children in Bekaa.

In conclusion, URDA extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to the generous donors from various countries around the world who contributed to the Qurbani project, providing support to low-income families and bringing joy to their children and loved ones. Special thanks also go to the municipalities and all volunteers for their facilitation and organization of the distribution process.

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