URDA Raises Alert Level and Sounds the Alarm!

On Tuesday, July 2, 2024, the Union of Relief and Development Associations in Lebanon (URDA) held an emergency meeting via Microsoft Teams. The meeting included the participation of many partner institutions, as well as the presence of general management members and program directors.

The meeting began with a speech by the General Manager, who provided a detailed explanation of the current situation in Lebanon amid the increasing risks of a full-scale war breaking out in Lebanon. He highlighted the expected scenarios and the potential destruction, financial, human, and economic losses.

Following this, sector directors made interventions, outlining URDA’s emergency response plan and direct intervention strategies. They pointed out the level of readiness and the plans in place to address the crises. Additionally, a list of urgent needs and projects was presented to donors, aiming to secure the necessary support to mitigate the potential impacts of the crisis.

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