Rana… From Hope to Reality

We met Rana, a teenage Syrian girl who lost her parents due to the ongoing war in her country. The war left deep scars on Rana’s life, as she lost her home and ended up living in extremely difficult conditions. She suffered from lack of food and medicine, and faced challenges in accessing proper education.

The Sponsorship Department at URDA learned about Rana’s situation and decided to provide her with aid and support. URDA began offering comprehensive sponsorship for Rana and her family, ensuring they received food, shelter, and healthcare, along with educational support.

Through the sponsorship, Rana was able to pursue the education she had always dreamt of. The necessary educational supplies were provided, along with additional support to develop her skills and discover her artistic talents.

Over time, significant improvements appeared in Rana’s life and her family’s. She received the necessary medical treatment and comprehensive care. Rana also started developing practical skills through training courses offered by URDA, which will help her build a better future.

Today, Rana is a young girl full of hope and ambition. Thanks to the support she received from URDA and her sponsor, she achieved remarkable successes in her education and skill development. She has become capable of fulfilling her dreams and contributing to her community.

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