On July 27, 2023, URDA (Union of relief and development associations) responded to the refugee camp fire in Akkar and worked to secure the needs of the affected individuals.

Following the recent fire in Bhanin, Akkar, specifically at the Abu Askar 015 camp on July 21, 2023, relief and shelter teams were immediately mobilized to support the affected individuals. According to the field team’s information, the fire was caused by an electrical malfunction, which fortunately did not result in any human casualties. However, the damages were primarily to property, with 12 tents out of 40 completely destroyed and 5 tents partially damaged. Approximately 47 families were affected, losing their basic necessities of food and shelter.

The emergency relief team at URDA is always prepared to respond to such disasters. The specialized sectors work to assist the affected individuals and meet their needs. The relief and shelter sector immediately began restoration work, including raising and securing new tents, setting up foundations and wooden structures, installing temporary sheds, and laying down flooring. They also worked on installing doors and extending electricity supply. Additionally, efforts were made to gather information and fill out forms with the aim of providing food, medicine, and alternative shelter to those impacted by the fire. Legal documents that were lost in the fire were also being arranged for replacement.

URDA remains committed to supporting the affected communities during crises and providing essential assistance and relief in times of need.

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