Say No to Bullying: Massa Stands Up to Bullies

Say No to Bullying.

Massa’s mother tells a story that happened in class with her 11-year-old daughter who resides in Bar Elias in the Central Bekaa area.

One day at school, while the teacher was explaining a new lesson to us, the school principal entered the class accompanied by a new student who was wearing eyeglasses, who tried to introduce herself to us, but my classmates did not give her a chance to speak and started laughing and mocking her for wearing eyeglasses which eventually led the new student to cry.

At that moment, I remembered the session which we attended with URDA’s team on the subject of bullying and stood up in class and told my friends that what they are doing is called bullying even if it is limited to laughter as they have managed to hurt the new girl’s feelings. I told my friends that we might have to wear glasses one day and anyone wearing glasses has just a very simple problem of poor vision. In fact, I told them that these glasses make her look prettier.

After that, I told my friends that they should treat her better and stop any act of bullying, which they did after a very short while which prompt the teacher to applaud my firm action. I went to welcome the new girl and asked her to sit in the seat next to me and since then we have become close friends.

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