URDA and PARCIC Start the First Stages of Al Nour School Rehabilitation Project in Aarsal

In conjunction with the decision of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education to completely close 10 informal schools in Aarsal, the education sector of the Union of Relief and Development Associations in Lebanon (URDA), with the support of PARCIC Association in Japan, adopted the project to operate the Al-Nour School in Aarsal in the morning and evening hours. This project aims to include about 500 students in Aarsal in the systematic education approved by the Ministry of Education.

The first phase of the project began on Thursday, November 26, 2020, at the Delora Hotel in Chtaura, Bekaa, where it launched the recruitment of teaching staff to select the best teachers and ensure the quality of education, after which the educational and administrative staff of the school project will be selected.

The director of the education sector in URDA, Mrs. Hanan Al-Omari, pointed out that the nomination phase of the staff went well, followed by the rehabilitation of the school and the provision of stationery and books, as well as equipping them with educational supplies for distance learning, conducting extracurricular activities and providing psychological and social support to students.

It is worth mentioning that this project is the first pillar through which URDA seeks to provide formal education for refugee students in order to obtain recognized certificates wherever they are.

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