URDA Visits the Poorest Families in North Lebanon

As part of the field survey carried out periodically by URDA in a number of Lebanese areas, the shelter and relief team paid a reconnaissance visit on Tuesday (December 1st) to about 10 of the poorest families in North Lebanon, specifically in Tripoli’s Hay Al Tanak neighborhood and Benin in Akkar.

The purpose of this visit is to collect the preliminary data of the families and study their living conditions, which will be followed by the distribution of the most basic needs of food, clothing, medicines, and other life items.

URDA’s North branch manager, Mr. Abdul Rahman Darwish, pointed out that 28% of the Lebanese are poor, meaning that their income does not amount to $3.84 per day per capita, and these are considered the poorest, adding that the needs of low-income families increase with the onset of winter, especially in light of the COVID-19 outbreak in Lebanon.

It’s worth noting that URDA has launched its annual Winter Wish campaign, which aims at providing food parcels, heating fuel, and other relief items to refugees and underserved families of all nationalities in different Lebanese regions.

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