The Education Sector launches “Together we wont stop” campaign

he education sector of the Union of Relief and Development Associations in Lebanon “URDA” launched the urgent back-to-school campaign titled “Together we wont stop.” It includes three main projects, including a project to support the most needy students in Lebanon with school, university and vocational education fees, and a project to support students with stationery, in addition to a project that covers student’s transportation fees.
The campaign targets the most needy groups in all Lebanese regions and from different nationalities, extending over a period of 4 months, starting from August 30, 2022 until December 26, 2022.
This campaign comes in the midst of the socio-economic crisis engulfing Lebanon, which has led to an educational disaster, where
children face a real danger of not returning to their classrooms. According to a UNICEF report, the percentage of children who dropped out of school reached 63% of the refugees and 23% of the Lebanese, knowing that 35% of the educational staff in Lebanon emigrated outside Lebanon.
From this standpoint, URDA stresses that the education sector will not give up on striving to urge donors abroad to save the educational sector, which is the main element for resolving the successive crises in the country, seeking to achieve the primary goal of the campaign “Together we wont stop” which lies in supporting the fourth goal, Sustainable Development , which is to ensure inclusive and quality education for all.

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