The Relief sector combats the bread crisis in Akkar

In light of the successive crises that Lebanon is experiencing on the financial, economic, social and even living levels, the flour and bakery crisis is back to the fore, but the rapid intervention of the relief sector in URDA is always on the lookout to confront such crises, as it supported the most vulnerable families in Akkar and provided about 2,500 bundles of bread over the course of Three days.

“Abu Muhammad,” the head of a family of five, said: “I cannot afford the high cost of a bundle of bread, which can reach 30,000 Lebanese pounds, and I need one every two days despite the austerity I follow in order to manage our affairs and my salary is not enough to purchase this quantity. He extended his sincere thanks to the URDA relief team, which continues to support vulnerable Syrian and Lebanese families alike, especially in Akkar.
It is noteworthy that URDA’s relief sector is considered one of the most dynamic sectors, as its teams remain ready to be on the front lines to face any emergency.

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