The Gender-Based Violence Program is preparing to provide awareness sessions on sexual and reproductive health in various Lebanese regions

In February 2021, URDA’s S/GBV program has carried out an assessment targeting 410 women and adolescent girls of different ages across multiple regions in Lebanon including Mount Lebanon, Beirut, Beqaa, Akkar, Tripoli, and Saida. 

The survey aimed to gather information regarding the women and adolescent girls’ knowledge of sexual reproductive health and other related topics such as puberty, masturbation, and sexually transmitted diseases. 

On several dimensions, the findings in the attached document showed that there is a gap between what is being portrayed as right and what is credible. Therefore, it is crucial to work closely with women and adolescent girls through awareness sessions to raise awareness around these sensitive topics that are not integrated as part of school classes and which families may not be ready to address these issues with comfort.

The S/GBV program team plans to deliver awareness sessions on GBV and SRH education and information including but not limited to puberty, sexual reproductive health, masturbation, contraceptive methods, and sexually transmitted diseases. The sessions will be delivered to vulnerable adolescent girls and women in targeted regions (Mount Lebanon, Beirut, Beqaa, Akkar, Tripoli, and Saida), to improve their quality of life in this time of humanitarian crises.

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