Al Nour School Continues its Teacher Training Programmes

On Thursday the 25th of March, Al Nour School held an educational workshop given by Mr. Abdulrahim Dabdoub for 30 teachers in Al Arayesh hall, Aarsal.
Since it is a priority to enhance teachers’ online performance this year, the school has chosen a new educational policy that provides many educational and technical workshops. These workshops highlight the 7 educational rules that focus on considering teachers’ feelings and needs, maintaining emotional balance in an educational environment, recognizing differences between students and giving them feedback.
This workshop has focused on time management, especially the 10-minute rule and its great impact on classrooms.
The project coordinator, Hamza Diab, emphasized in his start-up speech the importance of benefitting from these workshops and interacting positively in them to build a better character when engaging with students.

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