The Ministry of Public Health Warns Civilians Regarding the Fires in Lebanon

The Ministry of Public Health warned citizens on how to avoid the dangers of fire smoke based on the following:

Stay Inside

Stay indoors, with doors and windows locked tight.

AC Settings

Turn on the air conditioner on the “Spin” feature, and change or clean the filter when necessary.

Prevent Pollution Sources

To reduce or prevent sources of indoor air pollution such as smoking, wood cookers, candlelight, incense, fried or grilled foods, use a vacuum cleaner.

Petrol-Powered Generators

Do not use petrol-powered generators inside because they produce dangerous carbon dioxide.

Riding Your Car

When riding your car, closing windows and slots, and run your car’s AC on the “Spin” button.

Here are tips for citizens during and after fires:

If You Live Near a Fire-Prone Forest

If you are in or near a forest that is susceptible to fire, you must keep a box of face masks that can protect against smoke and keep them with special emergency supplies at hand to use when needed. Especially in cases where you have to leave the house quickly.

Use a N95 Mask

Use an N95 or N100 face mask that is certified by NIOSH – with two straps to get protection against fine molecules. Never rely on one-strapped masks as they will not protect the mouth and nose well. These masks are available at medical hardware stores and pharmacies. Unfortunately, effective masks are not made for small children’s faces, so children must be evacuated quickly with special attention and kept away from places that pose a threat to them.

Don't Use Surgical Masks

Don’t rely on surgical masks or dust masks since they don’t work with fire smoke.

Don't Use Wet Towels or Masks

Do not rely on bandanas, masks or wet towels they do not protect against the inhalation of small molecules.

When to Head to the Hospital

Head to the nearest hospital at the appearance of any of the following symptoms: wheezing when breathing, stinging or burning in the eyes and throat, feeling heartburn in the mucosa, tight or chest pain, severe cough.

Pay Attention to Evacuation Notices

Pay attention to notifications of evacuation and move to stay with relatives or friends living away from smoke places.

For any inquiry, please contact the ministry of public health – department of preventive medicine, on the following numbers:

Phone: 01/830 300 – EXT: 435-436-437 – Hotline: 1214

Translated from Al Marsad Online

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