The recent developments in South Lebanon, involving displacement and conflict

The recent escalating developments in South Lebanon, the most extensive and violent since the crisis began a week ago on both sides of the border, have forced many residents of the border areas to flee, especially as shelling has targeted several residential villages in the past hours, causing casualties and
damage to homes.
These developments have prompted local authorities in the districts of Hasbaya, Tyre, Bint Jbeil, and Marjayoun to instruct municipal heads and unions in the region to remain prepared to address the ongoing situation and to equip halls and public spaces with essential supplies for accommodating the
displaced from villages under shelling.
While expectations of the situation escalating into a full-scale war are contingent on developments in the
field in Gaza, the indicators of escalation have raised questions about Lebanon’s readiness and
capabilities to deal with the consequences of this war, given the worst economic and financial collapse it is currently experiencing. Read the full position paper here.

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