Comprehensive Shelter Response to Support the Residents of the Burned Yasmine Camp in Bekaa

As part of the immediate response to the fire incident that broke out in the Yasmine Camp for Syrian refugees in the Bar elias region on August 12th last year, the Shelter Sector at URDA installed nine water tanks to ensure the provision of clean water to the affected individuals and families.

Furthermore, in alignment with URDA’s commitment to alleviating the suffering of those affected by the fire, rapid relief teams distributed 169 food rations. Additionally, 13 purchase vouchers, each valued at $185, were provided.

The Shelter Sector’s response is not only about meeting the immediate needs of the affected individuals but also a testament to the dedication shown by URDA in providing support and relief during times of crisis.

Therefore, the Shelter Sector at URDA continues to work diligently to assist individuals affected by disasters and emergencies. They are committed to helping affected communities recover on various levels, both materially and emotionally.

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