The Relief and Shelter sector at URDA has reached Marjayoun to support 2,500 Lebanese

As part of its relief projects to support Lebanese refugees in the face of the challenges facing southern Lebanon on the borders, the Relief and Shelter sector at URDA provided essential supplies to approximately 2,500 Lebanese beneficiaries in Marjayoun, specifically in the villages of Al-Metrania and the Marjayoun Municipality last Friday.

The provisions included 500 food parcels, 500 hygiene kits, along with 500 pillows, 500 mattresses, and 500 blankets. Additionally, 250 children received their share of sweets. The project targeted 500 Lebanese families, approximately 2,500 beneficiaries.

Despite the challenges and risks faced by the team during the distribution of aid, the project was successfully completed. One of the volunteers involved in the implementation stated, “We did not hesitate for a moment to refrain from providing our humanitarian assistance, even with some difficulties in obtaining permits and transporting aid between areas.”

In turn, the Director of the Relief and Shelter sector, Mr. Mohammed Ahmed, confirmed that the poverty and suffering witnessed in Lebanon, especially in the south, are heartbreaking. There are families with no income and no means of support, in addition to health conditions that prevent them from securing medication or proper treatment. Mr. Ahmed added that URDA is ready to provide more assistance in the coming periods.

Across Lebanon, URDA has undertaken this humanitarian initiative to specifically address the needs of Lebanese refugees, aiming to alleviate their burden and achieve the principles of social solidarity and mutual support among all segments of society.

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