The relief sector at URDA is providing 1000 bread bundles in Akkar to support families in need.

In the current economic crisis in Lebanon, both Lebanese and Syrian refugee populations face a significant challenge in obtaining fresh bread. Bread is not just a daily food but has become a major concern for the most vulnerable families during these tough times.
As per statistics from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, 80% of Lebanon’s population is living below the poverty line, with over 36% in extreme poverty. This means that many families cannot afford the daily cost of bread.
In light of this situation, the relief sector of the Union of Relief and Development Associations in Lebanon, URDA, is implementing a project to distribute bread to the neediest families in the north, specifically in the areas of Minieh, Mhammara, and B’bineen. They have provided 1000 bread bundles to the most impoverished families during the current month.
In this context, the residents of Akkar find new hope this month, as this support means a lot to them. It contributes to providing the minimum food security for them and their children.
Hope is indeed present, but the project requires continuous support to ensure its sustainability and provide further assistance to those in need. Therefore, beneficiaries request ongoing support from people of goodwill and the local community.


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