The Relief Sector Continues Its Efforts to Support Those Affected by the Yasmine Camp Fire

URDA’s relief sector continues its efforts to provide support and relief to families affected by the fire in the Yasmine Camp in the Beka’a region. Rapid response teams have been providing daily hot meals in the past period.

During the past week, 338 hot meals were provided to needy families in the camp in general. In support of the most affected groups due to the recent fire in the camp, an additional 48 meals were provided to the particularly affected families.

One of the beneficiaries of the hot meals expressed his gratitude to the URDA team, saying, “These meals have helped us greatly. We lost all our essential belongings due to this fire. The team did not just provide food but also repaired our tents and provided the most essential needs for each affected family.”

These exceptional efforts reflect URDA’s vision, which emphasizes ensuring the dignified and secure livelihood of the most vulnerable groups in Lebanon.

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