The Shelter Sector at URDA initiates the process of renovating AL Yasmine Camp

In the context of the immediate response to the fire incident that broke out in the Yasmine refugee camp for Syrian refugees in the Bar Elias area on August 12th of last year, URDA’s Shelter Sector team announced the commencement of efforts to renovate and rehabilitate the camp. These efforts aim to provide a safe shelter for the 13 families affected by the fire, helping them to resume their lives safely and with dignity.

In this regard, a URDA volunteer expressed the ongoing commitment to providing support to the most vulnerable groups in Lebanon, stating, “We are working tirelessly to ensure that refugees and crisis-affected individuals can live in a safe and sustainable environment. These efforts reflect our continuous commitment to assisting affected families and providing necessary support during crises.”

One of the fire-affected individuals also shared their appreciation for URDA’s efforts, saying, “We thank URDA for their quick response and support during these challenging times. We are grateful for their efforts and hope to soon be able to return to our homes safely and with stability.”

The humanitarian efforts of the Shelter Sector hold hope for a better future for the affected families, and it is expected that the camp will return to its normal condition as soon as possible, thanks to the collaborative efforts between URDA and relevant authorities.

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