URDA is working on developing the expertise of its human resources in the field of risk management and governance.

In collaboration with the Qatar Charity team, represented by Al-Attiyah & Al-Tarifi for Accounting and Tax Consultancy in Qatar, and in the presence of the company’s CEO, Mr. Muath Al-Tarifi, URDA organized a lecture yesterday on “Risk Management” to enhance the capabilities of its employees in line with the latest standards in risk assessment. The lecture aimed to provide URDA employees with a brief overview of the latest standards and professional practices, as well as to develop the human resources’ performance in the field of risk management and governance.

Developing human capabilities and preparing for dealing with risk management in various fields is vital for preserving the organization’s assets and properties.

URDA extends its sincere thanks to Qatar Charity and Al-Attiyah & Al-Tarifi for their voluntary initiative and collaboration in enhancing and elevating the expertise of URDA staff across its various humanitarian sectors.

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