The shelter sector provides water through solar energy in the Abu Ibrahim camp in Akkar.

In a remarkable humanitarian initiative, the Shelter Sector in Lebanon, through URDA, has implemented a “Solar Energy” project in the Abu Ibrahim camp in the Akkar region of northern Lebanon. This project aims to improve the living conditions for vulnerable Syrian families residing in the camp.

The key aspects of the project included the installation of 10 solar panels specifically designed to operate the primary water pump in the camp and fill approximately 70 water tanks. This contributes to providing a steady water supply to 111 families in the camp. These panels were strategically installed, allowing them to direct the water from the source to the last point in the camp efficiently.

This project has enabled the camp residents to avoid recurring problems in water supply. They can now rely on solar energy to secure their water needs consistently. Thanks to this project, electricity can also be used in a communal tent where residents gather for social events and celebrations.

This initiative has garnered significant appreciation from both the local population and refugees alike. It serves as a positive example of collective efforts to assist those in dire need and improve their quality of life amid the challenging circumstances they face.

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