The Story Contiues: Jawaher, the Iron Lady

In an extremely humid and dark tent, Jawaher found shelter with her seven children. She began talking while the saline bag that was attached to her hand was almost finished.

When asked about the saline bag, she told us that after each chemotherapy session, the saline bag must be used, since she is a breast cancer patient, suffering from an adrenal gland disorder, and has already performed five heart operations. She told us her story of how her husband came to Lebanon due to conflict and they were supposed to follow him after he manages to find work and a suitable place to live in, but unfortunately, he did not reach Lebanon and disappeared on the road. Jawaher followed her husband despite her illness in search of him and reached out to many international organizations but to no avail.

All this time she has been enduring her illness and pain. She saved every penny and every bit of energy to look for her disappeared husband, but unfortunately without result until she later found out that she needed a mastectomy as she was suffering from breast cancer in addition to heart and gland-related health problems.

During her follow-ups at the hospital, the beginning of her cancer treatment and the accumulation of debts, she heard the story of a child whose mother gave birth to him then escaped from the hospital leaving him alone as she wanted to travel to Europe by sea and thought that her child will hinder her movement.

Jawaher worked hard to adopt the child despite her conditions. She went to court and was granted permission to raise the child after they found that his elderly grandfather is paralyzed and is unable to take care of him.

Now the child is around three years old, and he lives with her family despite Jawaher’s extremely poor living and health conditions, but her passion as a mother made her unable to leave the child alone, and she insisted on taking him in to live among her orphaned children as one of them.

We finished our visit to Jawaher with the good news that we have financially sponsored the child and that we will work hard to provide further assistance to the family to ensure a decent life for them.


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