#LetsTalkSDGs: No Poverty

The First Goal:

Eradicate poverty in all its forms wherever it exists, and to achieve this goal we must follow the following steps:

  1. Develop accurate indicators and collect high-quality data regularly.
  2. Strengthen support to less developed countries in line with global commitments and action plans.
  3. Relink macroeconomic policies to social development.
  4. Design and implement comprehensive, public, and rights-based social protection systems.
  5. Invest in human resources, particularly those of children and youth, to enable them to find sustainable livelihoods and help stop the transmission of poverty across generations.
  6. Develop strategies that combine humanitarian assistance with sustainable development.

URDA’s livelihood Sector is seeking to achieve this goal through partnerships with international organizations and the United Nations to help the poorest families through development projects, including the automated bakery project, which provides direct jobs to more than 12 families and free bread on a daily basis for at least 1,500 needy families.

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