Summary of the Protection Sector Activities for January 2021

Through its activities and programs, the protection sector at URDA seeks to achieve its objectives, which include legal consultation, psychosocial support, as well as raising awareness about many aspects of life.

During the first month of 2021, the Legal Protection Program provided 16 labor-law related legal consultations through its hotline. As part of the legal aid project for families affected by the Behanin camp arson attack, 63 affected families have been contacted to study their cases, provide legal consultation, and obtain legal documents instead of those lost in the fire.

In 2021, the child protection program began with multiple online remote services, providing psychological first aid to 72 families, where 18 beneficiaries were referred for case studying in response to the incident in Al-Minieh refugee camp- Bhanin.

In an activity that is the first of its kind, a library has been opened at the Community Center in Central Bekaa targeting children and youth of all nationalities. The program prepared psychosocial support and life skill classes through reading dedicated to serving 60 children and 7 mothers, and psychosocial support and remote support services for 169 families from Al-Yasamine refugee camp and Bar Elias area.

At Al-Nour School in Aarsal, about 500 children receive psychosocial support services through recreational and educational activities where 11 cases were subjected to referrals.

As part of the gender-based violence program plan, the protection team will begin next week with awareness sessions on the following topics: gender-based violence, sexual harassment, and cyber-harassment, as well as COVID-19 in various Lebanese regions, where both Syrian and Lebanese beneficiaries will be targeted, bringing the total number of beneficiaries to 720.

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