URDA’s Legal Protection Program Surveys the Legal Needs of those Affected by the Al-Minieh Arson Attack

After the arson attack which targeted Behanin’s refugee camp last December, URDA’s legal protection program continues to survey the legal needs of families affected by the incident, to provide them with legal documents and identification papers (instead of those they have lost in the fire) including identity cards, passports, marriage contracts, birth certificates, and others. The census includes the needs of families to register births, complete marriage contracts and other legal transactions that are difficult for refugees to obtain.

To date, the needs of 31 families have been studied where URDA’s legal protection program has started processing their files to work on correcting, updating, and compensating their lost legal documents.

It should be noted that identification documents grant individuals recognition of their rights, and proof of their identity and their quality as protected human beings, which is equally important to other human needs such as food and shelter.

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