URDA Celebrates Ramadan through “the Month of Hope” Campaign

The Union of Relief and Development Associations (URDA) celebrates Ramadan 2021/ 1442 H, by launching a campaign that includes different humanitarian projects. These projects target people in need from all nationalities all over Lebanon, and provide them with food parcels, hot meals and fresh food. URDA is also preparing its Eid projects, such as providing gifts and clothes. 

After all the circumstances vulnerable people are facing from economic crisis and much more issues, URDA has named its campaign as “The Month of Hope” to help families feel hope all over again. The relief teams in URDA are working hard to find and help most families in need.

URDA’s relief teams assure their full desire to meet the World Health Organization’s demanded preventative measures throughout their distributions, to prevent spreading the virus.

Mr. Hussam Al Ghali, the General Director of URDA, thanked the donor agencies and institutions while he was delivering his speech about Ramadan. Hopefully, the distributions will find the people who deserve without discriminating between either Lebanese people or Syrian and Palestinian Refugees. Mr. Ghali also spoke about how finding hope is URDA’s main vision for all its sectors. This year’s Ramadan will be full of hope for all URDA’s families, workers, volunteers, and donors.

There were 1,441,932 cumulative beneficiaries of URDA’s projects in Ramadan 2020.  More than 33,714 hot meals, approximately 50,994 food parcels and 2,369 Eid clothes were distributed.

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