URDA’s Relief Sector Provides Bread for Lebanon’s Poorest Families

To support Lebanon’s poorest families, URDA’s Relief Sector has provided them with 28788 bread bags (one bag weighs as two) to strengthen their resilience throughout the Covid-19 lockdown.
Throughout March and early April, the project has been acted upon in the North, Bekaah and Aarsal due to the economic issues Lebanon has been facing, lately.
Mr. Fares Fares, Director of the Relief Sector in URDA, has ensured that the project’s aim is to provide the most vulnerable with basic food requirements. Providing these bread bags to the families, assures survival to them and all humans of the society.
He also mentioned that the Sector will continue implementing its projects in different Lebanese regions during Ramadan. These projects include food parcels, hot meals, and Eid clothes distribution to the majority of Lebanon’s poorest families.

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