URDA concludes its Ramadan Campaign “Month of Hope” with 500,000 beneficiaries

The Union of Relief and Development Associations (URDA) have been trying their best to spread the message of hope between their projects’ beneficiaries and national and international partners, since the beginning of Ramadan and by the end of Eid Al Fitr. This went by implementing a series of Ramadan Projects and humanitarian contributions that helped aid people in need from different nationalities, such as Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian in different Lebanese regions. The projects took place from Beqaa and Aarsal to Aakkar, Saida, Tyre, Shebaa, Beirut and Mount Lebanon.

The number of beneficiaries reached a cumulative number of 532,654 in all the projects.
The 2021/1442 H Ramadan projects were entitled as “Month of Hope” and were supported by humanitarian donors from different parts of the world. The projects included food parcels that were able to support families for a whole month, and there were 62,552 food parcels distributed, along with 45,317 hot meals, 278,523 bread bags and 9,525 potato and vegetable bags.
Moreover, kids also had a part pf this year’s projects, where Iftar including entertaining and joyful activities were organized in different Lebanese regions. The children also got coupons for Eid clothes, where 4,403 children were able to get clothes and presents for Eid Al Fitr.
However, with the presence of the pandemic, the Relief teams took total precautionary and awareness-raising measures to guarantee safe distribution for both the recipients and the team.
Mr. Housam Al Ghali, the General Director of URDA, stressed, in his speech, about continuing to create and spread hope through all URDA’s sectors with their different humanitarian and relief specialties. Hope is URDA’s main view, and this year’s Ramadan was full of hope, positivity, and optimism to all URDA’s family that includes the employees, volunteers, donors, beneficiaries and followers.
Mr. Ghali has ensured the importance of hope in Lebanon despite its daily tragic conditions.
Moreover, URDA tries its best to reach people in need, in different Lebanese regions, through its projects and achievements, whatever their communities and affiliations are. This, to provide them with hope for a better future.

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