The Child Protection Program Spreads Joy between 1045 Children throughout Ramadan

Throughout the various Ramadan activities done by the Protection Sector, the Child Protection Program has done many Ramadan Iftar dinners for 1045 children and 123 care givers, from different nationalities in the North and the South of Lebanon, Beqaa and the center.
Mrs. Alaa Kaddoura, Officer of the Child Protection Program in URDA, ensured that these types of activities aim to bring together Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian children, targeting social integration, anxiety reduction and the end of communal separation based on nationalities. In addition, they aim for children’s entertainment under different economic circumstances, successive crises and quarantine phase caused by the pandemic.
Mrs. Kaddoura has also showed gratitude to all donors who helped spread joy and hope between the children throughout the holy month. She also assured the continuation of these activities throughout the whole year.

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