URDA Concludes its Ramadan Projects with 500,000 Beneficiaries

From the beginning of Ramadan until the advent of Eid al-Fitr, URDA has been keen to achieve the humanitarian mission that it is entrusted with through the implementation of a series of Ramadan projects and humanitarian initiatives that contributed to the relief of those in need of all nationalities, in various Lebanese regions, including Bekaa, Arsal, Akkar, Sidon, Tyre, Shebaa, and Beirut.

The cumulative number of beneficiaries of all projects reached 559,032.

Under the title “Bring Back the Smile”, URDA’s Ramadan projects which have been supported by several humanitarian donors from around the world, including France, Malaysia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and others, have provided food parcels enough for a family for a whole month. URDA distributed  31,920 parcels in addition to hot meals, which benefited 74,182 families. URDA’s charitable bakery was operated to provide around 120,000 bread bundles.

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak in Lebanon, our relief teams have taken the necessary precautionary measures to ensure that assistance reaches beneficiaries safely.

In this context, 1,019 protective hygiene kits were provided, along with the sterilization of several camps and slums.

URDA concluded its Ramadan projects with the Eid clothing project, which spread joy among 1,166 children.

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