COVID-19 Emergency Appeal Project Supported by Read Foundation UK

Under the title of Fighting COVID19 Looking After the Vulnerable, READ Foundation UK in collaboration with URDA has taken the decision to protect the most vulnerable people in Lebanon especially orphans, widows, and refugees. COVID 19 pandemic has made things much worse. There is no food, income, hygiene essentials. Refugee camps are overcrowded and access to medical care is extremely limited.

Until the last days of Ramadan, RF managed to distribute 1,100 food parcels for the neediest families affected by the economic crisis in poor areas of Beqaa and Mount Lebanon.

The food parcels contain basic food items that became highly expensive in the latest period due to the rapid increase in the prices during the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.

We thank our partner RF for the tremendous efforts they have invested in this project and in other projects fighting COVID19 plague and its inflictions on society.

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