Zakat Al-Fitr Project Supported by Peace Train UK

As an act of implementing Zakat Al Fitr before the 1st of Shawal, Peace Train UK in collaboration with URDA distributed 300 food parcels to the poor refugee families in Aarsal.

Fitrana is given to the poor to whole-heartedly glorify God, celebrate the Eid Prayer, and share the day’s merriment and delight with their children and families. The Prophet, peace be upon him, once said in this regard: “Gratify [the poor] on this day”.

This Ramadan, Zakat Al Fitr donation came in a very critical time for poor families who lately became impoverished and disadvantaged due to the lockdown that hit Lebanon with the coronavirus outbreak.

Peace Train support reached a total of 300 orphans, widows, and underprivileged families in the most needy areas in the town of Aarsal. Without their support, hundreds of families were deprived the joy of Eid and the blessing of Ramadan 2020.

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