URDA Distributes COVID-19 Awareness Flyers in Refugee Camps

Today, URDA’s emergency response team, in collaboration with UNFPA Lebanon, started distributing flyers in a number of refugee camps in Bekaa to raise public awareness about the coronavirus and how to protect oneself from contracting it or passing it to others through a number of basic preventive measures against the novel Coronavirus.

Since then, flyers have been distributed on residents in many refugee camps throughout Lebanon in an attempt to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in shelter sites across the country.

URDA is also committed to raising as much awareness as possible among refugees and citizens through conveying purposeful messages through its social media pages and accounts. Messages posted include promoting basic hygiene practices and encouraging people to stay at home, keeping distance, seeking credible sources for information and what to do in case they are in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

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