URDA Works on Establishing Quarantine Facilities in Bekaa

In the context of combating the coronavirus outbreak and reducing its spread in Lebanon, and upon coordinating with a number of municipalities and the General Directorate of the General Security of Lebanon and other stakeholders, URDA is working on establishing quarantine facilities in Bar Elias and Al-Qaroun in the Bekaa governorate that can accommodate around 230 housing units. Such fully-equipped facilities will be either stone chambers, caravans or tents within lands provided by the municipalities or owned by URDA. 
Stemming from its commitment to social responsibility and supporting the decisions of the municipalities to contain the coronavirus (COVID-19), URDA will take several measures to ensure the safety of families in quarantine, as well as the working staff, where they will be provided with Personal Protective Equipment and food parcels taking into account the application of precautionary measures and awareness to ensure public safety. Sterilization services will also be provided in housing units to ensure a safe and secure environment until we all pass this critical phase.

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